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Jul 5, 2015

4th of July Activities

I know it was a holiday, but it was another busy day for us. My sweetie took Princess to the airport at 5:00 this morning so that she could get on a plane for Washington DC, and then since he was nearly there, he went to work.

Teach had to be to work at 6:00 AM and Bossy picked up Dog Walker about 6:30 AM so he and Fajita would be on time for their parade in Murray. I took Sport over to the church just before 7:00 AM so he could help set up flags this morning. (As a fund-raising project, our scouts put out flags for every home in our neighborhood on certain holidays.) It helps them pay for scout camps and activities.

When Bossy came back, she rousted most of the rest of the kids from bed and they all took off to find good seats for the West Jordan parade. I decided to skip that one. Since Fajita and Dog Walker were marching with the band in 3 separate parades today, I chose the one at 6:00 PM in Sandy. (It seemed appropriate.)

In between those two parades we had lunch, worked on the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge for Sport, and weeded the garden. Crafty, Prima Donna, and Drama Queen stayed home from the parade and cooked us a festive dinner of chicken tacos and patriotic bean dip. Prima Donna also made red, white, and blue swirled sugar cookies that were super yummy!

After dinner we cleaned up and piled in the van to head over to the West Jordan fireworks. They had tons of people there and we had to park about a mile away, but we had good seats and the fireworks were amazing.

It wasn't our typical 4th of July BBQ and then family fireworks, but we had fun and worked hard to build memories. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

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LeAnn said...

Yes, that is what it is all about building memories. I must say that was a busy 4th. I loved the pictures and the adventures of the day.
We drove down to my hometown for the weekend and have enjoyed reliving some memories.
Sending hugs!


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