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Jul 8, 2015

Camp Prep

Next week is camp for my kids... times five! I have never had so many kids going to camp at the same time before unless it happened to be family camping.

Princess at the Nationals' Game
Sport and Scout are both going to scout camps for a week. Crafty, Prima Donna, and Princess are all going to girls' camp from Wednesday to Saturday. Oh and my sweetie is headed out of town for a work trip. It will be weird to only have me, the Dog Walker, and the little ones here during the day. Of course we have Drama Queen and Teach at night too.

I've had a difficult time getting my head around the camping trips. Sport has to have a bunch of special stuff based on the Merit Badges he will be working on. That meant a trip to the scout shop today. Scout is going to a waterfront for her camp so that meant a trip to WalMart for bug spray and water shoes. And do you really think I could find 5 working flashlights around here?!

Bug spray times five, sunscreen times five, extra batteries and flashlights...you got it, times five! And that's just the beginning.

Not to change the subject, but did I tell you my dryer went out last week? They are supposed to be over to fix it tomorrow (finally!) and then maybe I can work on getting clothes together. Right now we are just trying to get by and things have really piled up.

I've also been working on a fairly major embroidery project for another ward's girls' camp. I have 19 hydration packs with two designs each. I've already spent two days on it and I'm only halfway finished. I'm a bit tired of camp prep.

At least the 4 secret sister gifts are only times three...


Marci said...

Wow. I can't imagine trying to get 5 kids ready for camp at the same time! Hope they all have great experiences at camp and that you can rest for a minute or two once you get them all out the door.

Denise said...

camp time, woo hoo.

LeAnn said...

Oh my, I can't even wrap myself around all that you have to prepare to get your children to camp;let a lone the expense of it all. Then of course, it is logical that the dryer is broken; there always has to be something like that to throw into the mix of everything else.
Knowing amazing you it will all come together. Now if I were you I would try to have a few minutes while they are all a way and there is less individuals at home.
Peace and hugs for you!


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