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Jul 6, 2015

Pics from Princess

My sweetie dropped Princess off at the airport yesterday morning. She has been terrified about the flying part of this trip since she has never been on a plane before. I'm pretty sure she was teasing herself a bit when she sent me this selfie right before takeoff.

Turns out flying wasn't so bad.

I wish I could tell you everything about her trip. I only know a few things, but I wanted to share some of her pics with you. They went to the Washington Monument as a group to watch the fireworks in the nation's capital. Princess said they were spectacular, but not the longest show she had ever seen.

Her favorite part of the whole evening was catching a firefly which is something she has always wanted to do. Too bad she couldn't smuggle it home in her suitcase! Her brothers and sisters were a bit jealous. When we went back east, none of them could find one and she did it on her very first night!

I don't have any info on these other fun pics, other than they are the contingent from her high school and one of her good friends.

Hopefully we can get the whole story from her when she gets home. Have a terrific week, Princess!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

This looks like such a fun trip for your daughter. I loved the pictures. I don't know if I would want to catch a firefly; well maybe in a bottle. I think it would be quite the experience to watch the fireworks there. You do have an adorable daughter.
Hugs for her!


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