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Jul 3, 2015

Hold on to What You Have

We finished all these names.
Bossy, Gamer, Teach, Dog Walker and I spent a beautiful evening in the temple doing sealings for some of Gamer's deceased ancestors. We were scheduled for the 8:00 pm session and Bossy had an envelope full of names that were cleared and ready to go.

Although Bossy and Gamer have spent many evenings in the temple, this is the first time they had done sealings since they were sealed as a family back in January. The cool thing is that it is pretty much the same ceremony. I love listening to those beautiful words and promises.

Temple Selfie
I have some dear friends who live up the street. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer the day after he retired and they have not had much success with treatments. They were in our sealing session today and watching them together and their love and tenderness with each other as they knelt together was something I won't ever forget. They are amazing examples of living and loving in the now and trusting in God to decide their future. I admire them so much!

Bossy's high school friend is burying her newborn tomorrow after a heartbreaking loss. Life is just so fragile. We need to appreciate what we have. I'm the queen of wrapping myself up in too many activities and projects. Am I really listening to what my kids say? Am I telling them I love them often enough? Am I taking the time for a hug or a laugh or a spontaneous adventure?

Life can just change so quickly. Hold on to what you have.


Marci said...

Wow! What a wonderful way to spend time! That reminds me that I have a few names we need to finish up! Hugs to Bossy's friend. What a tough time.

Anonymous said...

Life is indeed precious, losing my mom when I was a wee one taught me that no matter what you do or say it could literally be the last day on this earth..I never understood kids thru my years in grade, high and college saying they wished that their mom was gone, I told them no you would definitely not..I thought most of the moms of my gal pals were wonderful to them and myself..I saw that life was indeed fragile and quite quite SHORT indeed..That heaven must be wonderful and that the family you are lucky enough to have here is absolutely wonderful and to be grateful, kind and loving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

I do know that I need to pause and enjoy the moments more. I do think we get running around so much we miss some of the sweet times. Losing a little newborn would be so difficult. My grandson who will turn 16 in August just lost his best friend in a helicopter crash; I feel so sad about it.
We love doing sealings and I too love to hear the words. I think that was a sweet moment to share with family.


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