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Apr 28, 2015


In our basement we have an unfinished bathroom that we have affectionately named the "toy closet." It is stacked with boxes of toys that we change out every now and again so the kids find something new to play with.

So during this off-track time for my elementary-aged kids, Drama Queen decided to rearrange and dispose of some of the lesser used items. In the process, the kids found some super-fun things that they hadn't seen for a while. One of them was the Tinkertoys.

We had Tinkertoys when I was a kid, but they were wooden and much smaller. The ones they make now are plastic and they have smaller foam-type pieces and even small people so the kids can get very creative. On Sunday afternoon, Baby Doll, Curly, Scout, and Sport decided to make vehicles so they could have a race.

It was amazing to see how different all of their "cars" turned out to be! Sport won most of the races, but mostly because he could push his car the hardest. Curly's had an interesting wheelbase that made it curve almost every time he gave it a shove.

Poor Baby Doll's car kept falling apart until Sport helped her build a more stable one. And Scout's had a single axle in the middle like one of those pump cars from a train track. I love it when they use their imaginations to play together.

Do you remember playing with Tinkertoys as a child?


Denise said...

Take care, and be happy.

T.J. said...

I remember tinker toys! And Lincoln logs for that matter ;) This post made me grin- today when I went to wake up my own 2 boys, I found them happily (but so quiet it was shocking!) playing with their matchbox cars. A sweet moment to peek in on.

Lovely space here :)

LeAnn said...

Yes, I do remember playing with Tinker Toys and our children enjoyed them too.
I do love it when children get to use their imagination instead of technology overload.


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