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Apr 19, 2015

Saturday at the Bees Game

Another busy Saturday! Why does it seem like I can't ever get anything done? I spent 4 hours today doing a Craft Boutique. I sold about $150 worth of Tupperware, but I met some really nice people. I think I did better than some of the people who were there and it's good for me to get out and meet new people.

I was sad that I had to miss Scout's softball game though. They rescheduled her snow game from Tuesday to right in the middle of the boutique time so my sweetie took her. I heard she played really well, scored a point and rocked at shortstop (my favorite position when I was a kid).

After I got home we spent some time helping Prima Donna, Princess, and Fajita get ready for their dates to Girls' Pref tonight. After we fed their group, most of us went to the Bees game. The weather was beautiful and even though the Bees lost, we had so much fun!

These were the free Bees tickets from the singalong. In Utah, the Miller group owns the Bees, the Jazz, you get the idea... I was super excited when our coupon packs at the Christmas singalong had free tickets for both games.There are also some for Miller Sportspark, so we can look forward to one more racing trip!

My favorite thing is just getting out with the kids and doing pretty much anything. It's so fun to see them experience new things. Baby Doll barely remembered when we went to the game last year, but she did remember running the bases when it was over. They got to do that again tonight. Sport and Bean Dip were racing right together and when Bean Dip pulled ahead as they rounded 3rd, Sport did the only thing he could do... he grabbed Bean Dip's jacket so he couldn't possibly win.

That's baseball.

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LeAnn said...

You truly have a busy but a very sweet lift of family activities. I love following your daily events.
Blessings and hugs!


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