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Apr 23, 2015

Sport's Band Medal

I told you spring was the season of concerts. We were able to see Sport perform tonight with just his own band. Remember last week he did the Monster Concert with all the other elementary schools?

It Utah the elementary bands are pretty small, that's why they come together as a large group. Sport's band has 27 kids in it and a third of them are trumpet players. My favorite song was when the 9 of them played Reveille.(And that's one song down for the Bugling merit badge!)

And I loved the part where they presented Sport and some of his friends with the music medal. It took extra work to qualify for it and I was so proud to see his teacher place the medal around his neck. 

They finished the concert in a totally different way than they ever have before. It is tradition for them to play Let's Go Band with audience participation. Well this time they really had audience participation because they had the students stand in the aisles all around the parents and families. I wish Sport would have been on our side, but at least I had a good view of him.

I can't believe that is his last program as a 6th grader! Next year he will play with the band at the middle school.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Another treasured moment with your children; I loved it!


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