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Apr 30, 2015

Earning Merit Badges

Sport had a Court of Honor today and he earned his first 4 merit badges! Two of them are even Eagle-required, so we are very proud of his accomplishments.

He did most of the Personal Management one with his troop after he nearly completed it at a Merit Badge Pow Wow. He also collected Personal Fitness, Aviation, and Digital Technology. It's been fun to watch him work on them. The interesting thing is that he and the Dog Walker have totally different learning styles.

The Dog Walker used the merit badge books and wrote everything down in his own way on white sheets of paper. Sport much prefers the fill-in-the-blank worksheets on meritbadge.com. He has not committed to earning all of them (yet), but I did tell him if he completed 75, I would get him a dog so he could do the dog care badge.

Now I've written it on the blog I guess I'm really committed. Speaking of dogs, Bossy and Gamer's family lost their cute boxer last weekend. She was a sweet dog and super careful with the kids. All she ever did was slobber on them and maybe steal a treat or two. RIP Sadie.

They got a new dog yesterday. Maybe Bossy can put up a pic of him. His name is Damien and he is a Rottweiler like their first dog. They definitely like the big ones!

I'm perfectly content to have the Dog Walker take in dogs now and again. We have my friends' cute little dogs this weekend. The kids love them and practically claim them already.

Maybe Sport and I need to have another chat... ;)



Natalie Ockey said...

All the merit badges in the world aren't worth taking a dog into your home!


LeAnn said...

I love the pictures and the ones of the dogs are so cute. All three of our sons got their Eagle and I remember well all it took to get them there. Hugs for all!


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