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Apr 13, 2015

Another New Cooktop

Last week Drama Queen cooked a bunch of potatoes for Easter, more than I was thinking, so we had oodles of leftovers. She wanted to do something fun with them so she found a recipe for homemade tator tots.

It required smashing all the baked potatoes and then rolling them in crushed potato chips and frying them (not at all healthy, I know). I am always happy when someone else volunteers to cook, so I went about my tasks and she recruited Crafty to be her sous chef.

Crafty was in charge of crushing the chips. She put them all in a large ziploc bag and got out the rolling pin. Then she proceeded to roll them. Drama Queen had her stuff spread all over the counter, so Crafty rolled her chips on top of the ceramic cooktop. Yeah, it was the same cooktop we put in after Princess broke the other one a couple of years ago.

 Well, the chips weren't crushing as quickly as she wanted so she decided to pound them with the rolling pin... you can guess what happened.

Right, a huge crack down the middle!

I covered it in clear tape and removed the knobs so that we could buy a new one. I was happy to find a clearance one at Lowe's. So on Saturday afternoon while Bossy and I took the kids to the Super Reader party, my sweetie and the Dog Walker installed the new cooktop. Mostly the Dog Walker.

I'm so glad my sweetie teaches the kids practical skills like replacing a cooktop. I would have paid the $120 to have it installed, but we used it today and it worked perfectly.

Now if we could just figure out a way to make it "smack" proof!


LeAnn said...

Sorry about the cook top but I am happy you were able to find one and your handy husband and son could install it. There have been times when I have crushed the chips by throwing the bag on the floor several times; it works. Maybe you can even step on the bag; just a thought.
Hugs for this one!

Anonymous said...

Never have been a fan of the smooth cook top as part of a counter. It is too easy to use it as part of the work space. This makes it vulnerable to that sort of damager. I've also wondered about inadvertently placing items on it when it has been in use.


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