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Apr 15, 2015

Random Princess

You know how sometimes you psych yourself out to the point where you wonder if you can actually do something? I'm probably just tired, but when I opened up the blog to put up a new post and saw 710 pageviews for yesterday, all my ideas for tomorrow's post went out the window.

The pressure of knowing that many people might be reading my ramblings was just too much. Thankfully, Princess came to the rescue. She offered to pull some random selfies from her cell phone so we could share some of her silliness with you. So here goes.
Princess with Sport, NOT sharing a s'more.

A selfie with your eyes closed? That's a good way to cut off half of Crafty's face.

Who is pinching Baby Doll and Princess?

Singing? or Screaming?

This one is definitely singing. Princess is always a baby magnet.

Fajita, Princess, Scout, and Crafty making the weirdest totem pole I have ever seen.

I know this one. It's from an outing at the park. She was experimenting with picture in picture. Tiny one is Prima Donna.

Unloading a dishwasher with Curly.
Princess is such an amazing girl! She is sensitive to my thoughts and moods and I so appreciate all she does for me and for our family. Did you know she is trying out for Miss South Jordan? The competition isn't for a few weeks, but she has been working on the idea for years. She is definitely a queen to me.


Anonymous said...

Your sweet daughter Princess in my mind is a Queen beauty pagents don't count in my book, but she could snag a scholarship and I say go for it, money for more school she doesn't have to work for but actually she is working to get the Queen coronation, she so deserves it what a Princess and Queen all rolled into one wonderful daughter and sibling, it is because of you sweet Sandy and your hubs too, your rubies and gold are your familia and that means all your children..I will pray extra hard she wins it and to boot she gets a full ride for the rest of her educational pursuits, your blog really is essence a primer on how to PARENT AND HOW TO BE A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING..if many can gather up wisdom and grace and the love of the Lord from your blog well I would say you are all winners..ciao! PS loved the cell phone pictures too!

LeAnn said...

Oh my, I love how the younger generation love selfies and these were awesome. Way fun post of pictures. She is one special girl and I do hope she runs for South Jordan Queen beauty pageant; that is awesome. I'd vote for her.
Hugs for her and you all~


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