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Apr 21, 2015

Cardboard House

One thing my sweetie and I have been trying to buy for quite some time is a decent set of patio furniture. Since some of us are big people, we are pretty picky. We wore our last set to shreds, literally. I tried recovering them and we looked for new cushions, but in the end we finally had to put them in a dumpster.

That was several years ago and we have been living with cheap plastic ones since. They are super uncomfortable and have been known to collapse. Most of us of a bigger size reach for the few we have made out of metal, but none of them have cushions of any sort.

Flash forward to our trip to Sam's Club over the weekend. It was late and we were in my sweetie's car. Obviously not planning to make a major purchase.

They were locking the doors when we made up our minds. We called Bossy and Drama Queen and asked them to bring their trucks and we waited for them with our two large boxes in the parking lot. The furniture is awesome and we have spent a couple of evenings enjoying it already.

But even more than the furniture, the kids have enjoyed the boxes! Last night we had a bbq and the kids started working on their house. They were excited to draw on it and cut it and make furniture for it...

It's been so fun and I love watching them use their imaginations. They even put in a skylight! They have worked on it most of the day, adding features and drawings and cutting up more and more cardboard. I have no idea how we are ever going to dispose of it. There is no way it will fit in a dumpster.

Maybe we should slap on a few shingles and some stucco and we could use it as the proverbial "dog house."


Marci said...

That is SOOOO cool! We are supposed to close on our house in less than a week and ordered a fridge, range and dishwasher. When our new appliances come next week I'll have to make sure we keep the boxes and make something cool for Emma!

Anonymous said...

Some one in our neighborhood who sees me walk and bike offered me their patio set and when I went to get them by hand mine you they got into their truck and drove them to our home, they sold their house and are moving to Texas and don't need the set at all, they are made well and did not want to have a garage sale and knew I loved to sit outside and enjoy the tiny amount of time we actually get sunshine here and warmth, but this year the warmest winter (actually no winter whatsoever and they used those patio furniture, saw me walking and biking and they talked and were so nice..I felt really blessed as we could never afford what they gave to me, I bakes a nice cake and some goodies for them for their trip to their home Texas, they were so nice and kind..Guess the good Lord answers prayers daily, He certainly did for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say I baked a nice cake and made some goodies for them to have on their journey home..They were so surprised and we used the set yesterday first 80 degree day, it was wonderful..I pray for your princess to get lots of scholarships and for your other children to have wonderful things happen for them too. congrats upon new patio furniture you will using them a lot as Utah is predicted to be very dry and hot this year..blessings always and ciao!

LeAnn said...

That cardboard creation is awesome. I love the creativity of your children. I hope you enjoy the new patio furniture and the new house.
Blessings for all!


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