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Apr 14, 2015

Smore's with Peeps

Today was a good day.

Remember Sport's Debate Meet last week? He and his partner qualified for the state meet! We are so excited for him.

Curly and Sport had baseball games tonight and they both came out victorious. Sport pitched 2 innings and did a fabulous job! Curly played 1st base and he was awesome too.

I went to the dentist with some of the older kids. I do have a filling that has cracked so I will need a second visit as will Princess and Prima Donna, so I guess that wasn't all that great.

For FHE Sport built a fire in the firepit and we roasted smore's using the Peeps we got for Easter. They were amazing! My sweetie kept complaining that we were wasting good Peeps, but honestly, I thought they were much better than regular smore's.

I love hanging out in the yard with the kids, reading scriptures and singing songs. Oh, and Prima Donna has been reading Huck Finn out loud for us in an unbelievable Southern accent. I don't know how she can do it for so long and not get tongue-tied. I guess that's why she is the actress and I'm not.


Marci said...

Except for the dentist part this sounds like a great day! Next year we'll have to try s'mores with peeps-that sounds delicious. Can't wait to hear more about the debate!

LeAnn said...

Aw w, a perfect FHE outside before the cold hits again.
I have some dental work to get done and I so don't want too.


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