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Apr 20, 2015

Guest Blog: Girls' Pref by Princess

Yesterday was my last real dance as a high schooler (senior dinner dance doesn’t count). At my school it’s called Girls' Pref but lots of other places call it Sadie's. Long story short, it’s a costume dance and the theme varies from year to year. This year everyone was suppose to dress up from a different decade.

Prima Donna and Joseph
Princess and Daylen
So there were people rocking poodle skirts and leg warmers, some people went as dinosaurs… but we decided to be pioneers. I had this idea quite a while ago and I was so excited. I spent most of the weeks before the dance trying to convince everyone else it was going to be awesome. And it was! My dad made us a delicious dutch oven dinner and we played some games before heading off to the dance.

Fajita and Austin
We didn’t want to be the very first ones there so we drove past the temple first (which seemed very appropriate). We got to the dance about fifteen minutes after it started and stayed for an hour and a half. You know me, I’m a dancer so I always love this part, but the strobe lights were killer and even I was ok (not thrilled, but ok) with leaving early.

We headed back to our house where we made homemade ice cream and watched the Joseph Smith movie.

I am so grateful to live in a place were I feel comfortable expressing my beliefs so publicly and to have such awesome family and friends that were willing to do the same. It was such a neat experience to have a spiritual, but fun day.

One of my favorite parts was when my dad came up and told me that my ancestors were proud of me. Like suddenly, a silly little high school dance becomes a great way to connect with those that came before us. All in all it was a very neat experience.

PS: Making ice cream was tasty, but I think I’m going to stick to cupcakes, they are much more fun and way less stressful.

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LeAnn said...

This looks like such a fun activity. I loved the pictures. I think you are awesome for going as pioneers.
Just loved this one; hugs!


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