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Apr 10, 2015

Swimming and Baseball

We had so much fun today with my Activity Days girls! I have this amazing neighbor with an indoor swimming pool and she let the girls come over and enjoy the water. We had 16 kids there and it was a bit of a mad house, but the girls had a great time.

I also went to the first ballgames of the season tonight. Scout played first and then Sport. I was keeping score during Sport's game so I didn't think to take a picture, but I did snap this quick one of Scout while she was in for a drink of water. She made a nice hit and scored a point for her team so they could win 4 - 3.

Sport's team lost a heartbreaker at 10 - 11. He was hoping to pitch, but didn't get the opportunity this time. They have another game tomorrow, so maybe he will find himself on the mound then.

I don't know how I'm going to get all these ballgames into my already busy life. At the moment I have 6 games scheduled for next week and that is just for Curly, Scout, and Sport.

Taco, Burrito, Fajita, and Bean Dip are also playing.


LeAnn said...

Oh my you are going to be triple busy with all the games. I try to just get to one of two of my 4 grandchildren that play sports in Heber.
I loved your activity day activity. I loved teaching that age group. It looks like you had great fun.
Hugs for all!

Marci said...

This just reminds me of how much I miss activity days! You plan such fun activities!!


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