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Apr 6, 2015

Spring Break

We had a beautiful, happy Easter Sunday. The kids slept in until about 8:30 and by 9:15 the eggs were all found, the baskets emptied, and waffles were cooking. Beauty and The Beast showed up and so did Princess's Prince. Then Bossy and her family came in and for a few glorious moments, all of the kids were here. I love that part of holidays.

We watched conference and I sneaked a short nap in between sessions. We cooked a turkey and Drama Queen made the most delicious twice-baked potatoes. We spent the evening watching movies and just enjoying being together. I even managed to sew on every scout patch on every vest. I don't think I've had that done for years. Literally.

The kids are all out of school tomorrow except the Dog Walker. Unfortunately he has a math test to look forward to. My sweetie even took the day off so we could extend our family time one more day.

How was your spring break?


Anonymous said...

We went to the beach, surprise there were tons of people at this cheese factory we visited, had the huge cheeseburger tater tots and salad for little money they even let me have some herbal tea as I had to have something it was raining hard, yeah driest in Oregon and Washington in about 80 years, we still walked the beach and my honey and hubs of 41 years took me to this tiny place & we got some crab they fixed up on a salad and some smoked salmon for when we got home, the crab was lovely the couple sells meats and crab and smoked salmon and maps and guides for fishermen and fisherwomen, we noticed they were only open 2 hours and off for their easter meal they have a lovely family..not open that much we felt blessed to get the crab salads, smoked salmon and to have a cup of tea with them..It rained and rained, the areas were parched as they say, we got home to get our call from our only child in NYC wishing us Passover greetings, we don't celebrate Easter and we had a good long conversation, missing us but had a nice dinner with good friends there..happy holidays to you and yours.ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

Oh, I loved the pictures and all that you did; just awesome as always. You are such a great example. General Conference was so good and we shed some tears during most of it.
Blessings and hugs for all!


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