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Apr 17, 2015

Taco and Sport's Monster Concert

My terribly busy Thursday settled down quite a bit when the fields were still wet so Curly's and Scout's games were cancelled. We still had haircuts this afternoon and Prima Donna had a Region Band competition. Princess had her Miss South Jordan training, and Scout and Crafty had dance. Drama Queen had a wedding to attend and Dog Walker went to the temple.

Bossy, Gamer, Grandpa, Burrito and I went to Taco and Sport's Monster Concert. A Monster Concert is an interesting idea. They take a dozen elementary bands from all over the district and put them on a stage together. They have been practicing the same songs for months and finally they get to play them together. After a couple of hours of practice, they have a concert and together they sound like a real band!

They played 7 songs and the concert lasted for only 20 minutes or so, but they enjoyed meeting new friends and mostly the pizza party...

I'm so proud of them both! Learning an instrument is hard and putting a concert together that quickly is even harder. Way to go, guys!

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