May 11, 2013

The Perfect Mothers' Day Gift

I believe it was yesterday that we established the fact that my brain is totally fried. So when that email came in inviting me to enter a contest for the perfect Mothers' Day gift, I drew a complete blank. Oh don't get me wrong, I did shop for the perfect gift for my MIL (my own mom passed away 7 years ago next month), but I took two little ones with me and they had lots of opinions. By the time we left the store we had a pretty eclectic gift but one we thought Grandma might love, especially if she understood the thought processes of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. I can't share that gift here because she regularly reads our blog, but it doesn't matter anyway because it cost more than $25.

I decided that what I really need to share with you is my idea of a perfect Mothers' Day gift.

That perfect gift would start several days before when the kids usually start pestering me to take them to the store so they can buy me a gift. Instead of requiring a free taxi service, they would ask someone else to do the driving instead.

I also wouldn't have to plan any meals on that most blessed day. And most importantly, I wouldn't have to cook or clean up afterward. My kids would willingly jump in and help without being asked. They would also let me sleep in a little. As much as I love breakfast in bed, I love sleep more.

As my most perfect day continued, my kids would gift me with a day of peace. I wouldn't be able to hear a single "I'm telling Mom!" or a "You did it first!" or "What did the dog do again???"

I know I talk a lot about this cooking thing, but I love it when someone prepares the meal besides me. I'm thinking ribs and baked beans, corn on the cob and fresh sourdough bread. And there has to be chocolate. Don't forget the chocolate!

Out on our back patio, we have these two little chimneys where we can build a fire, put our feel up and roast marshmallows for s'mores. As the night gets a little cooler under the spring stars, we could tell stories and laugh and joke and just be together. I'm a little greedy, I need them all; all 12 of my kids and the grandkids.

It wouldn't have to cost much. I'm pretty sure I can feed all of us for under $25 if I mix up my own sourdough and buy the ribs on sale. You just can't put a price on time with the family and you can't wrap it up in a box...maybe that's what makes it so perfect.


Marci said...

That sounds like a fabulous day!

I was hoping that Chris's Presidency Meeting would get cancelled so that he wouldn't have to be at the church at 9:00 when we normally don't have church til 1:00. He just got the email from the EQP saying "hey guys, no meeting tomorrow morning! make your wife breakfast!" so hopefully now I'll get a smoothie in bed!

LeAnn said...

It does sound like the perfect day and I hope you kind of had that one.
I too would like sleep more than breakfast in bed. However, I have enjoyed this off and on through the years.
Loved this one!
Blessings to you all and I loved the family pictures.