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Apr 30, 2017

Legos and Baseball

It was finally sunny (not really very warm) here in the Salt Lake Valley, so we were thrilled when the girls were able to do their softball skills clinics without rain. That also meant that we would be able to use our Bees Tickets for the game tonight.

Got to get a high five from the Bee.
The little kids were super excited about this game! It was being sponsored by the Lego people and in the pavilion behind center field, they had a dozen or so "build stations" where I spent the first two innings of the game. Even then it was difficult to pull Curly away.

Riding the train with Baby Doll.
Baby Doll and I went on the little train together that drives through the family area. Crafty had her electronic baby doll for her Child Development class, so she was stressed the entire time. It was sort of funny because she was carefully carrying her electronic doll "Justin" while Teach was toting Twizlet. The two babies were about the same size, but the real baby was way less work than the pretend one... just saying ...

Just chillin'
 The Bees lost 8 - 7, so that was a little sad, but Baby Doll got herself up on the Big Screen 3 times!! Once by herself and the other two times with our silly, crazy group. We had fun and even though it was difficult for Gamer with his crutches, he managed.

Help! I'm being eaten by a shark!

There's nothing like a good baseball game; throw in Legos and an electronic baby and it can't be beat.

See you later.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Wow, this was an adventure. I didn't know there was other activities at the games. You do the funniest things with your children and the photos show that. Blessings and hugs!


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