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Apr 18, 2017

Happy Birthday, Twiz!

One of my amazing SIL's had a birthday that we celebrated on Easter Sunday. It was a good day to celebrate since we had the family mostly together anyway. Princess and The Frog were the only ones missing since they had a prior commitment at his parents' house for the holiday. Prima Donna even joined us!

My sweetie outdid himself with the cooking, providing us with an amazing country fried pork reminiscent of their missions in Texas. I made the cake, but Teach did the decorating. We don't do real candles for adults because if we did, we just might possibly burn the house down, so the kids obliged by making themselves into candles that were extinguished when Twiz blew in their direction. Curly had to be the stubborn trick candle, of course.

My favorite part was a mini-concert courtesy of Prima Donna, Scout, Curly, and Sport. They all played their various instruments in a lively rendition of "Happy Birthday!" That might just have to become a new tradition.

Happy Birthday, Twiz!

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LeAnn said...

You do know how to throw an awesome birthday party. Yummy food and huge Birthday cake. I like the way you blow out the adult candles. Yes, you should let the family band do the Birthday music. Happy belated Birthday to Twiz! Blessings and hugs~


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