Apr 16, 2017

Hope You Have A Wonderful Easter

Today was such a crazy day!

It started at 7:30 this morning when Bossy called to remind me about the egg hunt at Smith's. I declined but offered the kids if she wanted to come by and get them up. An hour or so later they returned with huge baskets full of candy!

Meanwhile, Drama Queen was making amazing Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. We had to hustle to get to the park in time for the city egg hunt. Crafty had been out there helping set up since 8:30. There were hundreds of kids milling around, jockeying for position.

My kids always do well and they filled their baskets. As we were walking back to the car, Curly saw a little guy about 2 who was too late for the egg hunt. I don't think the boy understood, but his mom sure did and she looked pretty upset. Curly scooped several huge handfuls of his treats into their basket. The mom was so grateful and Curly grinned all the way to the car.

Our afternoon was filled with our family egg hunt, coloring eggs, and a barbecue. My sweetie grilled hot dogs and we kept the meal light and easy since the kids were already gorging themselves with sweets. Bossy did an amazing job as always with the treats for the egg hunt. Lil Sis and her family joined us and everyone was here except Prima Donna.

Then my sweetie and I, Grandpa, and Crafty took off for Ogden so we could watch Prima Donna perform and then bring her home to share Easter with us. Now it's late and I'm more than ready for sleep.

Happy Easter everyone!

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LeAnn said...

Wow, I hope this sweet Easter Sabbath Day has been a bit quieter for you all. Doing more that one egg hunt is an amazing feat. Your family events continue to just exhaust me. You do know how to do fun! Loved reading about allof this one. Blessings and hugs!