Apr 14, 2017

Prima Donna's New Play

My sweetie and I took a trip up to Weber State tonight to watch Prima Donna in her new play. I knew the subject matter was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, but I couldn't remember all the details so I pulled it up on Google while my sweetie was driving.

It is a terribly tragic true story that changed many of our factory laws in the United States. This huge fire killed 146 people because they were locked inside and they were unable to escape. Prima Donna is one of the main characters and she does a fabulous job! I just love watching her on stage. She is so convincing as a performer and this one didn't even show off her incredible voice.

After her portion of the show was over (it was a series of 1-act plays), we left the theatre and waited for her in the lobby until we could go for some dinner. Chili's was one of our options since most of the eating places in Ogden seem to close about 9:30 on weeknights.

My favorite part was the laughter and conversation as well as the Molten Chocolate Cake. Prima Donna raved about it when we first came in so even though we were completely stuffed by dinner, we just had to order one. We each ate a little and then she boxed up the rest and took it home for breakfast tomorrow.

How I love and miss that girl!
Growing up is just so hard...on the mamas too.

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LeAnn said...

What a fun event to attend! I love the photos and explanation of the play. Prima Donna is so beautiful. I have a daughter that was in two plays. In one she was Annie and the other one was a High School play.. It was so fun to watch her; so I know how you feel.
The chocolate Molten Cake; sounded so good, we will have to go there soon. Hugs for Prima Donna and the two of you!