Apr 27, 2017

Guest Blog: Paperless Post - A Review by Teach

The world is changing and turning more digital. Paperless Post has opened a niche in this spectrum that has only been previously touched. Now there is open access to true electronic mail!

My husband is from New Jersey and we are always looking for a way to keep better connected with his family and friends across the country. Our baby was born just over 2 months ago and I have been meaning to send out a baby announcement for a while, but it was just so difficult. It’s hard to take digital prints, design them through crazy photo manipulation software, and then print, label, go to the post office… it takes forever. 

Photo Credit: https://www.shopblushandblue.com 
Paperless Post was simple to use and easy to manipulate. Probably my favorite aspect is that it is simple enough for a computer newbie to use, (like my mama!) but it also had options for someone like me who enjoys manipulating, changing and editing. I really liked the coin system, but it is extremely easy to spend your coins really fast! The only critique I would have is that in order for someone to reply to your paperless post then they must set up an account. 

I love the animation, love the colors, love the sleek design of the website, and easy manipulation. Most of all, I love that I finally was able to send out those cards that I’ve been meaning to send out for a while now. 

***We received 600 free coins in exchange for our honest review.***

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