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Apr 26, 2017

Pitching a Pinata

When our scout leaders told me on Sunday that we had to pick a country and then talk about it and provide an ethnic treat for pack meeting, I jumped right on it. It seemed like a perfect way to get rid of all this leftover Easter candy from the egg hunts, so first thing Monday morning I called Bossy and asked her to pick up a pinata for me at the Mexican Market.

I know, I could have done it myself, but this particular market gives better prices to people who are Hispanic, especially those who can speak Spanish. Gamer fits that description and even with his broken knee, he was happy to make the trip. He really enjoys the pastries from their little bakery...

So last night I stuffed the pinata and today it dawned on me that we would not be able to hang it in the multipurpose room at the church. Literally, as we were heading out the door, I saw my sweetie's paint roller extender by the side of the garage. I thought about it for like 30 seconds before I threw it in the car. Dog Walker thought I was crazy!

As we pulled up to the church (after picking up Sport, Baby Doll, and Curly from practice), I realized I had nothing to hit the pinata with. Baby Doll offered her bat which looked harmless enough until we were standing in a 15-foot space trying to control these blind-folded cub scouts as they swung sometimes at the air, sometimes at the pinata, and occasionally at us!

After about the 4th kid, the pinata was knocked from the pole and then pitched to the ready bat so it could be split open and then pounced on by about a dozen kids (mine included). It was fun, but not quite what I had planned.

I ended up bringing home a bunch of that Easter candy... again...

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