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Apr 3, 2017

And the Week Begins

I'm sure wishing we were back to Friday!

I had a terrific weekend that started with a Friday night date with my sweetie. We went for Chinese food and then shopping and ice cream. So nice to just have a little time alone together.

On Saturday, I got the easy job. My sweetie took some of the kids and they went to Drama Queen's new house to put in a ceiling fan and get more walls ready to paint. She should be ready to do at least some of the painting during spring break next week so that's a good thing.

I stayed home and ran the kids to baseball/softball practice, got groceries, watched conference, and made dinner.

On Sunday my sweetie took off early and headed to his mom's house with Curly. They put in some railings for her to make life just a little easier. I helped hold things together on the home front. We watched 4 hours of general conference and I didn't get a chance to teach a new stitch to the girls, although Baby Doll's is nearly finished now.

The first baseball and softballs games are tonight, so I will be spending half my life at the park. I also get to start watching baby Twizlet tomorrow for a little while. Teach went back to work this morning. It's been a way too full and eventful day already and it is only lunchtime.


LeAnn said...

I'm happy you got a great date night. It looks like you had a busy conference weekend; happy you could watch conference. We had plans for a layed back conference weekend and it was anything but. We got Saturday in but Sunday we had a family emergency so we didn't see any of it. However, we will make it up.
You will be busy as the sprots seasons starting. I still know know how you do it all. Enjoy the cuddling moments with the new little one; that is a minute for catching your breathe. Loved the photo~
Blessings and hugs!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the US doesn't have property maternity leave policies. In Canada you would get a year off work, with some government support and sometimes a top-up from your employer. Either parent can take part of the leave time. In some European/Scandinavian countries they put family first and have even longer and better benefits.

From watching your current political system it's all about birthing and very much less about raising a healthy and safe child.


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