Apr 29, 2017

Pulling Facials, I Mean Faces

I need to at least get a little sleep tonight, so this one will be quick. Remember how we filled all those trays yesterday and then all the bags for the Cookie Chaser? Well, one of my cute friends happens to be a Mary Kay lady and she kindly agreed to provide samples for 125 bags! I know, she's amazing!

And if you remember, my girl scouts were supposed to fill the bags today for their meeting, but then we had to fill them yesterday so that left me with a hole in my girl scout schedule. My Mary Kay lady offered to do facials for the girls even though she knows it won't come to much as far as sales go, although I do need a new set of Satin Hands because when we went to Boston, my sweetie accidentally put the tube in the carry-on and they had to throw it away at check-in... :(

But I digress...

The girls had a great time today with the masks. Don't they look cute? And if you look closely, you will see my little nephew in the front. He absolutely LOVES our Girl Scout meetings! Lil Sis? Not so much.

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LeAnn said...

What a very fun activity and what a great friend to help you out. Loved this one! Hugs~