Apr 20, 2017

Monster Concert

Did I tell you Gamer broke his kneecap? It happened a week or so ago and now he has a cast that goes up to his mid-thigh. It's his right leg, so of course he can't drive. Bossy is working, so you know what that means. We have been busy helping get their kids where they need to go.

Today was the craziest one so far. Curly and Scout were participating in a Monster Band Concert for elementary-aged kids at Riverton High School. Bossy's neighborhood school was involved as well, so that meant that Taco, Burrito, and Salsa were also part of it. The problem was that the kids were supposed to be there at 4:00. Our school is out at 3:25 which would have made it hard, but Bossy's school gets out at 3:55 and that would have been impossible. When Bossy headed off to work at 2:00, I told her I would take care of things.

Posing for a pic after helping put away chairs and cleaning up the stage.

So I checked out my kids at 2:50, dropped them at the house, and headed for the grandkids' school. After waiting while they located their scooters, we finally got to their house about 3:20. Once again it was waiting while they put on their church clothes, gathered their instruments, and packed a dinner.

That's just how I feel today...
At 3:40 we arrived back at the house to pick up Scout and Curly. Thank goodness they were ready and waiting on the porch. I dropped them off at the high school at 3:55, so everything worked out fine.

Grandpa and I headed back over at 6:30 for a 7:00 concert. They played 9 numbers and the entire thing took exactly 23 minutes (according to Scout). They did a great job, but it was an awful lot of stress for such a short period of time.

Now it's on to the next thing...


Natalie Ockey said...

Poor Gamer! And poor you picking up the slack!

Gamer said...

Poor her! I didnt even know i broke my kneecap for almost a week after it happened!! I was sore after i fell down the stairs and missed 2 days of work then worked on it for a full night shift. Finally i couldnt take the pain anymore and went to see a Dr and found out broke it in half.

LeAnn said...

Wow, you poor girl! How do you handle all of this stress; I 'm sure I had days like this but you have a lot of them. I admire you for all you manage. You seemed bless to make it happen. I can't imagine that they could play 9 pieces in 23 minutes; wow. Hugs~