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Apr 23, 2017

Nothing to Sneeze At

Thursday was a rough day and I was glad that it was Sally's turn to be in charge of Cub Scouts. All the boys in our den have already earned their Wolf badges, so we have resorted to teaching them some of the electives.

Sally chose Germs Alive! and the boys loved it (except for the washing their hands part). I think their favorite was when Sally handed each of them a balloon. We rolled down the tops and held them for the boys while they stuffed in silver stars and white paper confetti.

Then the boys blew up their balloons (except for Curly; his asthma kept getting in the way). I tied knots and they spread out the sheet Sally had hoped would work as a drop cloth. Actually, it turns out that when you pop a large balloon with a pushpin to mimic the activity of the germs that disperse during a sneeze, that a sheet is just way too small.

Some of those "germs" were thrown 20 feet or so. We were all a bit surprised!

The boys gathered stars while Sally and I ran the vacuums. Cleanup wasn't too bad and we were all home by 5:00. Now that's nothing to sneeze at...


Cindy said...

That's a great way to explain a sneeze!

LeAnn said...

Wow, that was an awesome activity to get an elective and learn about germs. It is amazing how far those germs can spread. Blessings and hugs!


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