Apr 4, 2017

Please Pray for Spring

Scout had the honor of playing the very first game of the season tonight. She had to be there at 4:30, but the game didn't start until 5:15. I sat in the car until about 5:00, and I was not prepared for the blast of Arctic wind that slammed me. It was SO cold! And silly me, I thought it was summer, so I was wearing shorts. At least they came to my knee and I had sense enough to bring my hoodie.

It was an exciting game with Scout's team finally losing by 1 point. By then I was freezing. I spent the last inning pacing behind the dugout. Not only was I cold, I was getting more and more stressed. The official called for an extra inning just before we all thought the game would end.

I was supposed to pick up Curly from his dance class at 6:30 and then have him and all his gear including the team hats and jerseys, treats and scorebook (and all my own snow gear! jk, it wasn't that cold...) at the park by 7:00. I called Drama Queen and asked her to pick up the kids from dance. Curly called me extremely upset at 6:40. He had left all of his gear in my car.

I calmed him down by giving him a list of tasks to make everything run more smoothly. I finally arrived at the house at 6:55. I changed rapidly while the boys loaded all the stuff into my car. We made it to the park by 7:05. Curly joined his team and Sport and I took the blankets and treats, shirts and hats to the dugout.

The game finally began at 7:30. Curly's team was ahead the entire time. He didn't do so well batting, but he did pitch for two innings and he struck out 6 batters. They eventually won 8 - 2 and I was an ice cube by the time I got home, even with a blanket and my heated coat.

Will somebody please pray for spring?

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LeAnn said...

I too was our doing our missionary work during the artic blast but at least I wasn't walking an sitting in it for long. Kind of like in and out of the car to homes. You are so brave to make it through two games. Again, you are the best of parents. I praying for spring. I hate the off an do thing. When do we bring out the spring and summer clothes. Blessings and hugs!