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May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

It's May.

I love that it's spring and we are heading into summer months, but May itself is always rough. There are so many end-of-school-year activities, recitals, concerts, and finals, even an AP test for Crafty. Not that all of those things are bad; they are just stressful.

Last week we had rain all week, so most of the ballgames were cancelled and now they are being rescheduled into the next couple of weeks. Really? It was hard enough before we had to put those extra games onto the calendar.

The other thing I am not fond of is pictures. Everybody wants to take pictures; all the ball teams, the dance groups... and most of them end up costing me a bunch of extra money. Because honestly, who doesn't love a pic of their kid being the star of the team?

And this one just kills me. Our school has scheduled a reunification drill for this month. As if I didn't have enough stress already! That's all I need to think about, a huge disaster for our beautiful valley. Couldn't we have arranged that one in April?

All that said, I love the warm days and cool evenings, the green grass and the abundant flowers. Summer is coming and I can almost taste it, can't you?


LeAnn said...

I can't wait for the warm days to come. You poor girl; I can't imagine rescheduling everything. I love your photos of your children's activities. I also really love baseball. Just keep deep breathing and you will make it through it all. Yes, they should have scheduled the reunification drill for April.
We are going to be extra busy this month too. We have three graduations to go to. One in Heber, which is just for the day and then up to Idaho for maybe three days. We have to get special permission to go. However, it means putting more time in before we go and after. There's so much missionary work out there.
I am behind reading blogs; but I will catch up on yours soon. Blessings and hugs~

Natalie Ockey said...

I'm with you. We spent last night at the Little League park. There's nothing better!



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