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May 3, 2017

Street Safety

Last year my kids made videos for the Kohl's Careful Kids contest and they won free tickets to Lagoon. This year they just couldn't pass up the chance to try again. Entries were due May 1, so we have no idea if they have achieved anything more than having a great time, but they were so cute I had to share them with you. (Thanks, Drama Queen, for all of your help!)

Here is Baby Doll's. This was her first opportunity to participate in the contest and she wanted to do a painting rather than a video.

Mom teaches me to wear a helmet.

Curly did a great job with his video on Street Safety. He is the one who runs into the street without looking both ways, so this was a great thing for him to focus on.

Scout used eggs last year in her video. It was fruit this time to show us "Don't be a Joe."

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You provide the best opportunities for your children to do some unique things. I loved the drawing and the videos. Good job and hugs for all!


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