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May 22, 2017

Getting Her Ears Pierced

I forgot to tell you the most important part of our adventure on Friday!

When we were finished at the aquarium, we wandered back out into the mall and found ourselves watching the kids on the playground. It only took us a few minutes to discuss our options, but we eventually opted for my first thought... getting Baby Doll's ears pierced!

We have generally asked our girls to wait until they are 8 years old, but as we discussed it further, we decided that she is the caboose and there really wasn't much danger of setting a precedence.

It was only about 30 yards to the closest Claire's and Baby Doll was so excited. She climbed right up in the chair and chose the gold star-shaped earrings. The girl first marked her ears for placement and then loaded the earring.

I think the sound so close to her ear scared her more than the pain, but she did not look happy. The second ear was much quicker and before long she was selecting cards of earrings and a fuzzy stuffed animal for being so brave.

She is beyond responsible and carefully applies her earring solution usually more than the required 3 times a day. She can hardly wait to change them out for something different. We keep telling her the 4th of July, but she has already figured out that it doesn't have to be quite that long...

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh these are sweet photos of her getting her ears pierced. So adorable, one for her posterity.
Loved this one! Hugs for Baby Doll!


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