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May 4, 2017

Final Concert

I love that my kids learn to play instruments in the band, and Curly and Scout finished up the year with an awesome concert tonight. My favorite was Pink Panther by the reeds ensemble which happened to include both of my kids because Curly is playing the clarinet and Scout is playing the alto sax.

Near the end of the concert, they presented music medals to all of the students who had earned them. Curly squeaked by with his just last week when he did a private audition with his band teacher to see if he could advance for next year. He was very nervous, but she did a great job keeping him calm. As it turned out, both his teacher and I agreed that an additional year in beginning band would be great for him.

Scout managed her music medal easily since she is terrific at holding her breath long enough to win a breathing contest. Which basically means they all play a sustained note and the one holding it the longest wins.

The concert was over in about 45 minutes and then we raced off for the end of ballgames. My sweetie took Scout one way and I took Curly the other. Scout was able to play as we expected, but Curly's game was nearly over and they lost in a heart-breaking tag at home plate (which is quite controversial because the catcher actually dropped the ball...)

Still we were able to present the treats and the boys saw that Curly was missing from his game because he had a very good reason which is why I offered to bring the treats out anyway.

Tomorrow is another busy day and the last day of finals for the Dog Walker. I'm looking forward to getting just a little more sleep.

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LeAnn said...

I think it is awesome that your children are in band. You must have a lot of practicing going on in your home. We had children in band and one of our son's was especially good on on the trumpet. You two are so good at splitting and getting to all of your children's activities. Yes, I do hope you get some more sleep. Hugs~


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