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May 10, 2017

Crafty's Dance Concert

Yesterday was another of my crazy days, but the end of it was beautiful as Grandpa, Baby Doll, and my sweetie settled into our seats at the high school to watch Crafty perform in her dance concert. This one is not affiliated with our studio. Crafty actually takes Dance 3 at school and this is their year-end performance.

She has been working on it since February when they chose her choreography for one of the small groups to perform. That is quite an honor for a sophomore since she was up against juniors and seniors. It was my favorite dance by far with the long white dresses.

Our beautiful girl is second from the right.
 The Bollywood number was also really fun and different. It was another smallish group and she was selected to be part of that one too.

Crafty is the blondie right in the middle.
 And then her final number was the entire Dance 3 class. It was a hip hop number and she had to have jeans with holes in them. Last weekend we were chasing around trying to find some that would work since I really have issues buying clothing that is already worn out.

Crafty is the one in the lavender shirt with light-colored jeans.

The pre-ripped ones were $30 and the others were $6, so you know what route we took. Drama Queen spent an hour pulling out tiny threads to make them look like the others. It all turned out perfectly. One more thing done for the amazing Crafty. She has a horribly difficult week with the dance concert Monday and Tuesday, her AP test tomorrow, and dance company auditions on Thursday and Friday.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I can just imagine how much fun you had watching your Crafty in this Dance concet! You do have a very talented daughter for sure.
Congratulatons on this one! Big hugs for Crafty!!


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