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May 29, 2017

Ancestor Day 2017

Did you know that on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we often celebrate what my MIL named Ancestor Day? It's a time for family to get together and talk about our ancestors. On Saturday we had a huge family reunion for my sweetie's side of the family.

The birth of Relia with Crafty the nurse, Sport an elder, and Princess as the mom. Uncle Thayne played the bishop.

Remember when I was helping edit his grandma's history? The books are finally finished and they are beautiful! My responsibility for this huge party was a play that would get people interested in reading the book. I had never written a stage play before so I was nervous, but I finally managed to get something down on paper that we could work with.

Baby Doll makes a terrific school-aged Relia. Crafty was her teacher.

Scout played the main role of my sweetie's grandma as a young woman and Curly played the part of his grandpa. The entire thing was about 25 minutes long and it ran from the time she was born until she married. We had about 100 family members there and they all seemed very pleased with the performance. The Dog Walker and I did the narration backstage with mics.

Scout and Curly stole the show.

My sweetie was in charge of the sound system. When we rehearsed on Friday night we had quite a bit of trouble with the mics, but everything was pretty flawless on Saturday. I will leave you with several pics. I'm hoping to get a video of the entire play mostly for my own enjoyment since we watched from backstage, but maybe you would like it too.

Scout played Relia and Curly played Leo.
We got home pretty late Saturday night, but I was still in bed before midnight. I actually slept until 11:00 AM. I was so tired and a little surprised at how emotionally taxing this turned out to be. Or maybe it was the fact that we had a huge slumber party at Grandpa's house on Friday night and I slept on an air mattress with Scout... not that I really spent much time sleeping...

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LeAnn said...

That is the most awesome post of a family event; I loved it. I have put together my parents history and one of my aunts and It is such an accomplishment. You are so multi -talented. To write a play isn't easy; and I loved that you did this and your children were the actors for it.
Way to go girl! Big hugs for you all~


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