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May 9, 2017

Happy Birthday, Gamer!

I promised you a second exciting thing from the weekend and that was Gamer's 39th birthday! We celebrated it Sunday afternoon even though we had already had one party in the morning. We typically do a fiesta since it is so close to Cinco de Mayo, but Gamer decided he didn't want Mexican food this year so my sweetie made bbq chicken, alfredo, and rolls.

I couldn't resist doing a pinata...

So Bossy decided that we had to do everyone in age order including the babies. Since Beauty is pregnant, she got to go first. She took the baseball bat and gave it the lightest of taps. Suddenly, the weight of the pinata broke the wire! I think she was more surprised than anyone else.

Gamer quickly wrapped the strap around the fat middle of the entire pinata and pulled it back up. Twizlet went next with Teach's hand firmly holding her little fingers around the bat. As we got to the older children, Gamer limited them to one whack each.

On and on we went progressively through the age order. I think the strap was holding the whole thing together until finally Twiz cracked it open. The kids pounced on the candy as usual.

Our festivities were finished up with a beautiful tres leches cake made by Drama Queen. Gamer was gracious and grateful for each and every gift, but some of his favorites were a tiny burro pinata from Princess and The Frog that held a few pieces of candy in its butt, and the gag pic made on Photoshop by Dog Walker.

I can hardly wait to see what the kids will come up with next year when he turns 40!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh, you do know how to throw a good party and this looked like a really fun one. I love when a pinata is used and I know the children love it.
Sending warm and loving thoughts your way and hugs too!


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