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May 6, 2017

This Is The Place!

Last night was supposed to be Fathers and Sons camp out for my guys, but Curly had a dance competition early this morning so regretfully they were unable to go. Curly was so sad that I decided to combine his excitement about This Is The Place baby animals with his sadness over missing the sleepover. It turned out to be a winning combination! All he talked about was the fun we had at the park; not once about not getting to sleep on the ground.

Since it is the beginning of May, most of the baby animals are a little bigger than we normally see which was fun. We loved the half grown chickens! Baby Doll wanted to check to see if they had laid any eggs yet... My favorite was the baby goat (kid) that came right up to me and put his fronts feet on my lap just like Beauty's beagle, Molly. It was strange, but oh so fun to rub his stubby little horns and scratch behind his ears.

Scout and Curly were disappointed to be half an inch too tall to ride the ponies, but Baby Doll loved it. 

Pony ride
Blacksmith shop
The donuts were delicious as usual. We had never tried the caramel sauce before, but the kids decided it was a keeper and definitely planned it into our next trip.

We stayed for quite some time in the school house chatting with the teacher there. She put my sweetie on the stool with the dunce cap (nope, no pictures...) and taught the kids all about possible punishments 140 years ago. They couldn't believe that a teacher could actually paddle a student right in class and in front of everybody!

All the kids loved the train ride so much we took its final loop around the park right before they closed. The cute host even let us change up some of their traditions since we were the only ones on the train.

Don't miss the fun at This Is The Place! Say "hi" to that cute girl on the train for me. :)

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Another fun adventure; I see. I love thisis your place and I am sure things have changed a bit since I have been up there. It looks like you had a great time. I loved the photo of Baby Doll riiding the pony; so fun~ Yes, disicpline in schools was a bit ridgid in those olden days.
Thanks for sharing the fun and I would vote for the dessert too! Blessings and hugs~


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