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Dec 4, 2016

Seven Peaks North Pole Evening of Fun

We spent the morning at basketball, but I will save that post for another day.

I want to tell you what we did with our evening. You know we have that Pass of All Passes, right? Well last year they added this new thing called Seven Peaks North Pole. It sounded fun, but we just couldn't fit it into our schedule, so this year I really wanted to make it happen. A bunch of their dates were listed as "blackout" where the passes didn't work, and this was the only Saturday not on that list, so naturally we had to make it work.

We got out of here about 5:30, picked up Grandpa at my sister's house, and headed for Provo. The kids were anxious to hop off the freeway in Orem and make a quick visit to Krispee Kremes so they could be awarded for their good grades. Somewhere along the line, Little Sis decided to join us with her family, so they were headed to Provo too.

The ramp
One more quick stop to pick up Princess and The Frog in Springville and we finally got there at about 6:30. They gave us wristbands and we headed for the slides. Honestly, they looked the most fun to me. We waited at the bottom for our turn to grab a sled and then we made the long trip up the ramp to the top of the slide.  Some of the kids were a bit nervous, including Curly, who was supposed to go on the sled with me. All the way up the long ramp he complained that he needed to go to the bathroom, but it turns out he just wanted to bail before we got to the top.

Resigned to his fate, he climbed in on my lap and we sailed down the slide. It was so fun!! I immediately got back in line (Prima Donna took Curly to the bathroom) and Scout became my new travel partner. We could each go down the slides 3 times and you can bet all 3 of mine were marked off before we moved to the next attraction.

I took tons of pics, but most of them were too dark to be useful. Here is one of the slides.
After waiting in line for more than 15 minutes, we gave up on the boat ride down the lazy river. We will have to save that one for next time. They had a bike trail set up in a large covered circle that told the story of the Nutcracker, but the bikes were anything but normal. They were these two-seater pedal things. My sweetie and I got on behind Curly and Sport, but they struggled and kept stopping, making it almost impossible to get moving again. We finally traded riders and managed to get to the end. It was super cute and I think I would have enjoyed it much more without all the drama.

Festival of Lights
Our last stop was the Christmas train and then we piled in the van and headed for the Festival of Lights. I know, we saw it last week, but some of the kids missed out and they were so disappointed! It has been a family tradition for many years handed down from my grandma. It is one of my very favorite Christmas activities and I think the kids feel that way too.

Denny's... it's always open...
We invaded the Denny's on the way home to grab a late supper, then dropped off Princess and the Frog, stopped at Little Sis's house to get Grandpa's car, and finally pulled into the driveway just before midnight. It was a fun and happy trip I'm sure I will pay for dearly tomorrow.

Even now I can barely keep my eyes open, and that's saying something.

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LeAnn said...

Well that was an amazing adventure; I love it! You do know how to create great memories. Blessings for you all~


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