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Dec 13, 2016

Finally Got Our New 3D Deco Light!

We have been receiving lots of boxes at our house lately, but none as highly anticipated as the one arriving from Target that contained a certain Pinkie Pie 3D Deco Light from 3DLIGHTFX. Baby Doll was right there when we opened it and she lovingly cradled the box and asked me to put it up right away.

This felt like the perfect excuse to get the girls to clean up their room, so it took them several days before it actually made it to the wall. My sweetie agreed to help me put it up since I have this thing about anchors. Once I made the hole too big and the anchor fell right into the wall...

Anyway, the girls had scrubbed their wall and we decided to place the light right above the dollhouse. I was impressed with the sticker that had everything marked so we couldn't get the screws (and anchors) in the wrong places. Unfortunately, our sticker was rather wrinkled in the box and I couldn't get it smoothed all the way out no matter how hard I tried, although it looks pretty good.

It took my sweetie about 5 minutes to drill the holes, place the anchors, and then set the screws. I put up Pinkie Pie and we turned off the lights. She glowed pink right in the middle of their bright yellow wall and they loved it!

I was surprised by the size of the light. I mean, I read the dimensions, I guess they just didn't register because I was expecting something a little bigger. Other than that, this cute light operates just as expected with one additional feature I didn't discover until I read the instructions. It has a 60-minute shutoff mode so I don't even have to go in and turn it off every night.

Now that's progress!

***We received one free 3D Deco light for our honest review.***

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Sweet! I love it. The light is adorable. Hugs~


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