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Dec 9, 2016

Almost Recital Time

I can't believe it is Thursday (now Friday) already!

My kids have their dance recital on Saturday and we just barely got the last of the costumes today. So after dinner, I had them all try on each different costume to make sure it fit, check for straps that need to be stitched, stuff like that.

After they finished with that, we had to make sure we had all the shoes, tights (no holes!!) and accessories. Yeah, it's quite an ordeal. Have you ever heard of being "double tighted"? That means your dances are so close together you won't have time to change your tights so you just put one pair on over the other, then you can peel off the top layer and be ready to go. Sometimes those cute dancers have 3 or even more on at the same time!

I'm only going to give you a sneak peak of the posed pics we did for Crafty so you can see the kids in full dance attire and makeup on Saturday.

We have everything ready now except that I still have to make Curly a maroon vest tomorrow. It's going to be tricky between helping Dog Walker prepare for finals, getting a haircut, taking my Girl Scouts to the Hale Centre Theatre to see A Christmas Carol, and basketball practice.

It shouldn't be too hard.

I hope. :)

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