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Dec 22, 2016

Santa's Chocolate Sleigh

I've gotten myself awfully stressed out about these two class parties I have been helping with. I made sure I didn't sign up to be a Head Room Mom this year, but that doesn't keep me from the classroom. Today I helped with Baby Doll's Christmas party. I was in charge of a craft, so I got on Pinterest and looked at candy trains like the lady in charge suggested, then I promptly changed to something else.

The Santa sleighs we made were so cute! We started with a Hershey bar and glued two big candy canes on the bottom for runners. Then we added 5 chocolate nuggets because they looked like gifts to the back. One of my assistants glued string into the hands of each chocolate Santa. Then we tied the twine to the packages and glued on Santa and we were finished.

Everyone thought they were great and honestly, they just weren't that hard, not like the project I designed for Curly's class tomorrow. It's made of wood and fabric and buttons...

I'll show you pictures tomorrow after the party is over. If I survive, that is.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Love those sleighs! Cute idea!


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