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Dec 16, 2016

Making Christmas Cupcakes

I could tell you about all my chasing around today, but instead I will spare you the details and just tell you about our Cupcake Club meeting. We have taken to making 96 cupcakes for a typical meeting. This time we wanted at least 3 for everyone, so that seemed about right.

Crafty made all the cupcakes on Wednesday night, but it was my job to gather the rest of the supplies and show up at 2:15 at the high school. Dog Walker had to work, so Baby Doll decided she wanted to come along with me.

After we got set up, Crafty split the kids into 4 groups. She and Baby Doll got to be their own group. Crafty is still nervous and shy about being in charge of a meeting, but she is getting better. We got everyone making frosting and Baby Doll and I passed out all the rest of the supplies.

We did 3 cupcakes today, a wreath, a strand of lights, and a Christmas tree. It is so fun to watch the kids take a simple idea and make it their own. They were all so cute and so different. My favorite was the tree because we had a fresh strawberry for them to put in the center for a support. They all used different tips for the needles, then they added decorations and a Laffy Taffy star on top.

We finished up just in time for me to get home and quickly change my clothes for my sweetie's work party, but I will save that story for tomorrow.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh that does seem like a hugs project. I admire how well it all went and the cupcakes look delicious. Hugs for Crafty!


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