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Dec 30, 2016

Guest Blog: Another Belated Light Display by the Dog Walker

I'm sorry that it's after Christmas for me to tell you about our Christmas display for this year. Things have been going crazy around this time of year for me, especially when trying to go through the rest of fall semester and being employed at Walmart at the same time. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to handle going to school and being employed at the same time, but things slightly worked out amongst the family and me. Throughout some of the times, I just have a display-block, meaning I can't think of any other idea to hang lights or any other holiday attraction on our yard.

There were a lot of days when I had the day off from school and work, and that would lead me to an opportunity or two to just head out and work on the display before uploading it on our local news website. Unfortunately, a lot of times, I just get both too busy and distracted at the same time, especially when I'm just either receiving so much homework in one day, or if my employer was calling me and asking me to come work on that certain day. There was even some other times when instead of snow, we just ended up having rainy days and that it'd be too wet and cold to be out there to add more to the display.

There were even some times when I experience strands of lights from the past years that just stop working for me. It was really frustrating to try to find some lights that work all the way so that nobody could judge on a strand of lights that they might find either out-of-date, or just broken-for-a-token. However, I know that a lot of you know that I'm a hard worker and try to make things look as best as possible and that we're not always perfect on everything we do and it's not even easy to make things look or seem perfect to impress everybody, especially our neighbors during the holidays.

I even had to go to Walmart once again to buy a lot more tent pegs to stake down the rope lights around our lawn and I even staked some to our new parking strip. Mom and Dad are still always worried about me spending all of my money just buying stuff for this or even other things, like buying so many candy canes for our garland, when I should be saving the money for college tuition. Well now that the holidays are over, and we're looking forward to the new year, I'm still doing the best I can to save enough money for college tuition and that I'll be to, someday, have the career of a lifetime that would best suit my future and one of the best Christmastimes to come again. I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

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