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Dec 23, 2016

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

We had a super busy day, but I promised to tell you about Curly's class party and since it was pretty traumatic, we can talk about the family Christmas party tomorrow.

I have been super excited to help with Curly's party because my friend that made the Christmas trees for us also cut and sanded blocks of wood for me that the kids could assemble into snowmen. Curly spent hours painting, cutting, and prepping so that he could use that part as his service project for school.

We got home late last night after visiting family, so I just loaded everything into the box so we could be ready to go. The craft was a huge hit! The kids mostly loved working with the hot glue and everything was running smoothly until one of my mom helpers mentioned that it looked like we might not have enough wood for everyone.

I assured her that we were fine. I had ordered 27 sets, so we should be perfect. A few minutes later she confirmed that we were indeed missing 9 center blocks. I panicked and quickly called the house. Of course no one answered, so I hustled to my car and ran home in an attempt to fix my problem.

After totally trashing my room (and several others) without any success, I had Drama Queen take me back to the school. We had the rest of the kids make their snowmen with only 2 blocks rather than 3. They were just as cute, but I felt awful.

I still can't find the blocks. I guess when I do we will use them to build a snow fort since they are all the same size...


Natalie Ockey said...

Those are adorable!

LeAnn said...

Wow, they turned out so cute! You really do some fun project and even though you missed a few pieces; it still looks like it turned out well.


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