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Nov 30, 2015

Sunday Randomness

Looks better with the lights on
Sport gave his first talk in Sacrament Meeting as a youth speaker. He did a great job and he wrote the talk all by himself! My sweetie is off on another work trip again although not nearly as long this time. The Dog Walker has been working on his outside display, but we got about an inch of snow so that put a damper on things.

Instead he got busy putting in the tree and decorating the inside of the house. Baby Doll only broke 6 glass ornaments...

I spent a lot of time vacuuming things up.

My leg is healing slowly. I couldn't sit through 3 hours of church and it's difficult to get comfortable at night. I have some errands to run tomorrow, but I'm going to try to take it easy and see if that will help. I haven't driven a car since the surgery last Monday.

The Dog Walker is starting a new job tomorrow taking care of a handicapped boy in our neighborhood. He is a little nervous, but hoping all will work out this time. Did I tell you I am coaching Curly's basketball team? We have our coaches' meeting tomorrow night. I think if I'd known about this surgery for sure, I wouldn't have agreed to be in charge. And it's only a few short weeks before people are going to expect me to PLAY basketball.

I'm sure everything will work out. It's also Nutcracker week, so the girls will be super busy every night. As I'm reading through this, I'm thinking I better get to bed so I can be ready for the craziness.


Denise said...

continued prayers for you

LeAnn said...

Girl, you must slow down just a tad and let that knee heal. I am worried for you! You will be in my prayers. You do have craziness and you continue to amaze me. I know that Dog Walker will do great at his job and getting the outside decorated. He is a very awesome young man.
The Nutcracker part sounds fun.
Sending Prayers and hugs your way!


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