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Nov 4, 2015

Making Green Enchilada Sauce

Curly, Drama Queen, and Bossy have been so busy today making Green Enchilada Sauce! I wish I could say that I have been with them every step of the way, but honestly, my work (other than picking the last of the garden) is just beginning.

Bossy showed up this morning just after 6:00 AM and got started. It wasn't long before she was joined by the Drama Queen and Curly. They chopped veggies, washed tomatillos, and ground everything into a nice green pulp. Then they put it all in our gigantic pot.

I believe this pot holds roughly 50 quarts. My MIL gave it to my sweetie one year for canning and it has lived at my house ever since. It is perfect for huge quantities of something and this is definitely huge! Bossy believes we have about 100 quarts. I'm going with more like 75, but either way, it is a massive amount of sauce.

Now that the girls have it done and in one big pot, it is my job to put it into jars and run it through the pressure canner. I figure it will take me nearly all of tomorrow to get it done, but we will be able to eat sweet pork all winter, for a tenth the cost of Cafe Rio.


Marci said...

I just made green enchilada sauce! But I make much smaller quantities, and just freeze it. I should totally try canning it!

Marci said...

OH! Happy Birthday, Dog Walker!!

Denise said...


LeAnn said...

Amazing! I love how you all work together to make the sauce. Hugs for all!


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