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Nov 16, 2015

Another Sunday

 Today started way too early. I managed to stay awake through Sacrament Meeting (the first one anyway). Then we spent most of the second hour helping Princess in the nursery. She is so cute with those little ones!

Just before 11:00, my sweetie and I took off for Bossy and Gamer's ward so we could watch Taco and Burrito perform in their Primary program. They did a great job! We came home for lunch and then Crafty, Princess, and I went to choir practice at the seminary. 

I came home from choir and took a 3-hour nap. I was just so tired.

We had a birthday celebration for Taco tonight. His birthday is not until Thursday, but we have football banquets on that day so we moved things up. We had a fun fiesta with chicken chimis and quesadillas. Beauty and The Beast also came over to help us celebrate.

Teach's boyfriend stayed with us again this weekend. Things are rapidly moving along with them and do I dare say they went ring shopping on Saturday? They both feel so good about this relationship...

Prima Donna's musical is this weekend, and I have already secured tickets for us to see it. She works so hard that finally having the payoff is fun for all of us. Scout is having a birthday party for her friends on Friday and then family on Sunday. Then we don't have another birthday until January. It will be nice to have a little break.


Denise said...

sounds like nice family time.

Natalie Ockey said...

Ring shopping?? Wow! Can't wait to meet this guy!

LeAnn said...

Let's see a break from what?? Oh yes, birthdays. However, I don't think you qualify for having very many breaks. I love all the family moments you have and it's always fun to read about them. I love that you daughter is looking for rings with her guy; sweet!
Love and hugs~


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