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Nov 7, 2015

A Little Crazy!

Did you miss me? My sweetie came home last night and we had so much catching up to do and preparing for today that I just didn't have time to write a post, but I will bring you up to date now.

Yesterday was crazy!!

First of all, I had to get my act together for Girl Scouts. I had promised the girls that we would make pies, but the date sneaked up on me and until my Little Sis reminded me about it on Thursday afternoon, I had totally forgotten Friday was the day. We had a mad dash to the store on Thursday night to buy hardware for the volleyball nets and while I was there, I grabbed the foil pans and apple pie filling, but that's all the time I had to prepare.

Prima Donna had planned a day activity for her Bingham Ball group, but she forgot to tell her date, so he wasn't there. The kids showed up about 15 minutes after we wiped the last of the flour from the kitchen table. There were five other couples here along with Princess and Daylen and Prima Donna. They were sculpting ice cream...

When they were finished, it was pushing 8:00 so we sent them downstairs so I could feed my own kids. Not that everyone was here. Somewhere along the way, we got Fajita, Princess, Scout, and Crafty dressed with hair and makeup done for their Nutcracker pictures. They also had dance classes. Bean Dip and Sport went to the library for a Laser Tag for teens night, so they needed rides both ways. The Dog Walker had tickets to a play down at UVU and he finally took Curly with him since he didn't want to try to get a real date. (They had a great time!)

And Teach's new boyfriend arrived in the afternoon to meet us and spend the weekend. That meant we had to at least clean the bathroom...

My sweetie came in just before 10:00 and all the kids were still here. Or they were gone. Sometimes it's hard to remember.

It was a little crazy.


Denise said...

lol, you make me smile.

LeAnn said...

Yes, you have a crazy but amazing life. I am happy your hubby is home~


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