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Nov 28, 2015

Guest Blog: "Black Friday" by Drama Queen


I don't know how Momma can manage to drag herself into the office each night to write a blog post.  By this time of the night, I'm ready to drop and my brain has certainly turned off.  (I nearly wrote Prima Donna instead of Drama Queen, if that tells you anything.)

But I digress.

Thanksgiving yesterday was lovely,and we've rolled now into that odd haze of holiday lazy-busy that makes it feel like Christmas break already.  Princess took a bunch of the girls and some friends Black Friday shopping around ten last night.  I know they managed to get a few gifts and Princess brought a beautiful new gray peacoat.  Based on how many times Crafty tried it on, I think she would have been safer getting two...  I've done the Black Friday thing once or twice, but unless you have a big budget to spend, I really don't think its worth the time or loss of sleep. 

Poppa and Dog Walker got the yard winterized and snow tires out.  Gamer and Bossy got the rest of the Thanksgiving dishes run through the machines and packed all the china away til Christmas. Teach and her beau were in and out today, but anytime I saw them, they sure seemed to be happy to keep busy kissing!  Momma, Bossy, and I spent the day tying three twin/full size quilts - while others occasionally floated in here and there to tie a few.  The craziest moment came while The Beast's dogs were over and one of them decided the top of the quilt frame looked like a soft bed!  She soon realized her mistake and had the good sense to stay still until the rest of us human creatures got past the shock and managed to help her get back down.

At some point, I started setting up the Christmas tree, but only have gotten about a fourth of the lights on so far.  Poppa likes to have a very, very bright tree so he has a ridiculous pile of lights to go on it.  But that is what tomorrow is for.

But now it is past midnight and Dogwalker and I just fluttered around for the past hour getting some cleaning done while Momma got a fourth (queen sized) quilt set up for tomorrow.  This quilts are just beautiful and it has been so fun to watch Momma get them all pieced together over the past week. She is so very talented and pours so much love into the things she creates.  I wish she would take a bit more time for herself to do what she clearly still loves!  It's just amazing how she even manages to get these blog posts written.  But I know she loves it and all her blog friends, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.  My mom has always been amazing. 

Anyway, I hope  - yawwwwwnnnn -  all the rest of you -yawwwn -  have a lovely holiday weekend.   - yawwwwwn - 
Sweet dreams!

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Denise said...

enjoyed this post.


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