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Nov 5, 2015

Guest Blog: Getting Ready For The Musical by Prima Donna

It's musical time again!! This year I actually have a speaking part which has been tons of fun but also super stressful. The show is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I have been chosen as Mrs. Hoallum, the shopkeeper and Dorcas' mother.

Rehearsals have been stressful but so much fun. My leg is still healing and that makes dancing in heels difficult, but I'm managing. I brought home my costume last night so mom could help me wash and iron it before the show. That made it seem so much closer! It's hard to believe that opening night is only two weeks away.

The performances are at Bingham High School on Nov 20, 21, 23 and 24, and it would mean a lot if you came. As it approaches there is an air of sadness because this will be my last musical at this school  and I will miss everyone I've worked with this year and the past two.

I am so grateful for my amazing teachers/directors and the inspiration they have been in my life. I hope this will be my best show yet. Opening night will sure be a "Wonderful wonderful day!"


Denise said...

great post, wishing you much success with the musical.

LeAnn said...

I love that show and I am sure you will be amazing in it. I hope that maybe we can attend it. It does sound fun. Wishing you great moments in this one. Hugs~


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