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Nov 19, 2015

A Great Idea

Do you remember at the beginning of the summer how excited I was to finally get some new patio furniture? It has served us well through the summer, but now that the days are turning colder and we have actually seen the first snowflakes in the valley, I have been anxious to get them undercover for the winter.

The problem is that my garage is full of ... stuff...

Drama Queen has been after me to figure out what to discard, but that never works for me. Besides, half the stuff in the garage belongs to her and to Teach. And of course we have the required number of PowerWheels and bikes for our particular demographic.

But I digress...
Teach skyping her boyfriend

The interesting thing is that with problems sometimes all you need to do is get creative. Our downstairs family room has been lacking in furniture, so I figured we could solve both problems at the same time. The kids thought I was crazy as I had them haul all the patio furniture in the house and down the stairs, but as you can see, it looks quite nice. I think it will work just fine for seating.

...until spring.


LeAnn said...

I think that is a brilliant idea; it looks comfy. We have the same problem with space and we were talking today about maybe Saturday getting our patio furniture put a way someway.

Denise said...

looks awesome


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